Zero Alcohol. Zero Sugar. Vegan. Gluten Free.

Piquette Zero Can

This new sensory experience is to be discovered for its own unique deliciousness. Serve very cold, or over ice.


Notes of bergamot, key lime, yuzu, blood orange peel, and lemon preserve add sparks of zestiness.


Organic Citra hops create a flavourful balance and a strong citrusy profile with elements of grapefruit.

Floral Icon Piquette Zero


Orange blossoms, the perfect aromatic complement, bring elegance and delicacy to the profile.

Piquette Zero Salt


Hand-harvested Nova Scotia
sea salt flakes enhance the
thirst quenching effects.

Pair Piquette!

Culinary Lead at Benjamin Bridge Winery says...

"Piquette zero is an excellent choice to pair with many foods because it is not competing for space in your mouth with the alcohol heat, making it perfect for intense flavours and spicy foods. It's so light and refreshing, without being overly dry or acidic. This offers endless pairing options, so I've left things broad!"

Created Through Nature.

Benjamin Bridge tapped into the knowledge gained from making fine sparkling wines and artisanal light wine refreshers.

With strong insights into the power of grape skins to provide desirable structure and aromatics we have applied these same principles to make our new Piquette Zero – an alcohol free wine-style beverage with natural flavours, hops and sea salt. Perfect for every occasion when an alcohol free drink is your choice!

Ready When You Are.

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